Who We Are

Apex Fashion Wear Limited (AFWL) is Apex Holdings Ltd.’s newest venture. It is housed in a modern 900,000 square foot building and was built to manufacture 100% export quality knit-garments for infants, children, and women’s fashionwear clients, made using in-house fabrics. AFWL is equipped to produce pieces using a wide range of fabrics, imported or sourced locally, and with a variety of designs provided by the buyer or collaboratively created with our in-house design team. AFWL’s Board of Directors follows ethical employment practices and adheres to all the national and international laws on labor employment and is fully compliant with international labor & environmental standards. AFWL has instituted initiatives to introduce an industrial engineering approach to enhance productivity and quality certifications and match global competitiveness. AFWL provides a clean, safe, and healthy working environment, adopt fair labor practices, adhere to timely wage delivery, and reward individuals with well-deserved bonuses without any discrimination. AFWL has an onsite daycare center for employees with infants and children and provides free medical care to all staff and workers. We encourage the freedom of association, expression of personal freedoms, and engage in collective bargaining with our independently established trade union.

What we do

Apex Fashion Wear Limited is equipped to produce a wide range of garments based on the customer’s needs. AFWL began its commercial operation in early 2018 with 40 sewing lines, along with auxiliary facilities. AFWL has a current production capacity of 5 million pieces of garment per year, with the total capacity gradually increasing to 120 million pieces per year with fully integrated vertical operations.

We work with the customers to develop materials to enhance our in-house supply chain. AFWL has been exporting to brands and retailers from Europe and North America since its inception.

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Profile of Apex Holdings Limited

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